When is your next shop update/how can I buy?

I restock my shop every 4-6 weeks. If there are no listings in the shop, this means I am sold out.

Once I have a good amount of work completely finished I will announce the next restock day and time on my Instagram and Facebook pages. If you subscribe to my Newsletter you will also get an email a few days before the update so be sure to sign up! The link to subscribe is at the bottom of this page. Please check your spam folder for the subscription confirmation if it does not show up in your inbox. I will only send emails when I have a restock scheduled and I never share any of your information.


How can I see what will be in your next update? 

In the days leading up to an update, I share pieces in posts and stories on Instagram/Facebook. I will also post video previews the day before an update on the website. This will show you everything that will be available with fluid ounces, the price for each item etc.

During the preview time everything will show as "Sold Out". This does not mean they are sold yet. This is just how I have to do it so everyone has time to look through all the listings before the rush of the restock. At the scheduled restock time, everything will be made available to purchase.


How much are your pieces?  

Current prices for decal/hand painted ghost/pumpkin mugs are $175 plus shipping

Sculpted mugs start at $200 with very detailed/fully decorated pieces up to $350 or more if they are painted.

Occasionally there may be higher/lower priced items depending on the amount of detail/time involved or discounted prices if there are any minor cosmetic flaws such as exterior pinholes etc. Prices are subject to change!


Can I place a Custom Order?

No I don't do custom orders or special requests. Occasionally a pre-order option may be available. Please see below for more details.

If there are designs that you haven't seen in an update in a while, your are more than welcome to make suggestions for future updates. Although I can't do customs I do want to create what you would like so feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook.


How do pre-orders work?

I just recently started offering this for the ghost/pumpkin decal mugs I had available due to the demand. When I opened pre-orders it was for a limit of 20 orders to keep it manageable. They are sold out but once I am finished with these I will announce when another pre-order will be available.

With pre-orders there will be certain designs I will offer in a limited quantity. There might be 1-2 different glaze options available and small variations like if you prefer a ghost to have a smile or no mouth but that is the only kind of options that were available this time. This may vary depending on the design I offer.

It can take up to 6-8 weeks for a batch to be completed.

I do not have a list to sign up for this. It is first come first served but I will announce the availability of these randomly so hopefully its a little easier to get something compared to the shop restocks.

Along with pre-orders I will still continue to have my normal shop restocks which will include varying designs depending on what I feel like creating. I will still include the decal mugs in each restock as well.


When will my order ship?

I try my best to send everything within 2-3 business days. You will receive a shipment notification with the tracking number in your email once I have shipped your order.


Do you combine shipping on multiple orders?

Yes. After everything is packed and weighed I will refund any extra shipping costs if I can safely combine your orders.


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. I cannot however be responsible for delays. Once it leaves my hands I have no control over how long it will take to get to you.

Buyers are responsible for any customs/import taxes or other fees your country may require.

Some countries have restrictions for shipments entering their country so please find out before ordering if your country has any.


My item arrived damaged! What now?

Contact me the day your item arrives and send me pictures. I will start the insurance claim process and refund your purchase.


Do you accept wholesale orders? 



Do you accept returns/exchanges?



Can I cancel an order I just placed? 

You have 24 hours from the time of purchasing to cancel an order. 


Are items Microwave/Dishwasher safe?

As long as the piece does not have gold or crystals they are microwave safe. I recommend hand washing for sculpted mugs because the designs can break if it gets knocked around in a dishwasher. Hand washing will extend the life of the piece. Over time dishwashers can dull the glaze.


I tried to buy in your update but your pieces sold in 2 minutes! How am I supposed to get something? 

Thank you so much for trying! My work sells out quickly sometimes. Here are some tips to help improve your chances of getting the piece you want:

If you don’t already have one, sign up for an account by clicking here: Account sign up

This will allow you to already have your payment/shipping info entered to save time at checkout.

Log in and be in the shop at least a couple minutes before the updates scheduled time. Exactly at the time of the update, start refreshing the page.

There have been times that people say the items never showed or if they did, by the time they clicked on them, they were already sold. I cannot do anything about this. Sometimes an overload of people trying to access the shop can cause problems.

If you want to try for multiple items, I would suggest purchasing one at a time because having an item in your cart does not guarantee it is yours if someone else checks out before you.

Other tips for faster checkout includes, using a computer rather than your phone. I've also had people say they had better success by making sure no one in the house is using WiFi at the time they are trying to check out. They shut off the WiFi/Data connections on any other devices besides they one they were using.

If you miss out please do not message me about your disappointment. I am always making more and will continue as long as there are people wanting them.

Will you still be making Witch mugs etc after Halloween?

Yes! I really love the Witches, Haunted Houses and other spooky designs so I make them all year long!

I would like to mention, I love creating these magical pieces for you but I am not a machine. Each mug takes many hours to create, not including the drying time, firings etc. that cannot be rushed no matter how much I wish it could. Because of this, one item can take up to 6-8 weeks before its completely finished.

Please understand I am only one person and as much as I appreciate all the interest, I cannot burn myself out trying to make everyone happy. I know updates can be stressful and its disappointing if you miss out, but please know I will continue to make pieces as long as there is interest. It may take a little while, but once the perfect piece for you finally arrives, the wait will be worth it.

Thank you so much for your support! If you have any questions that have not been answered here please let me know!